Rocket Tab Saga — FINALE!

The Rocket Tab SAGA:

I update my IE (or maybe some other program), as requested, near the end of February, as best as I can figure.  I miss the checkbox that says, in effect, that Rocket Tab will be added with the update.  (I hate those stealth add-ons!)

I go to my website, and now Rocket Tab Ads pop-up (that are linked to some not-so-clean & some regular shopping websites).  YIKES!  I want to get rid of it!  But every good computer user knows  you shouldn’t click on a link to something you are unfamiliar with, or is suspicious, right?  So, my hubby & I check my installed programs, and you know the whole nine-yards, as I have documented the steps we took to rid my computer of this add-on over the last month—and all to no avail!  YIKES again!


Finally, I tried clicking on the “Powered by Rocket Tab” hyperlink, and it gives me some “schpeal” about the service they give and if you want to turn off the pop-ups to click on the button.  And it gave the option of giving feedback to  So, I clicked on the button, the pop-ups disappeared & HA!  Now we found the source!  Superfish!  So, Gary hunted until he found a Superfish add-on on my computer & got rid of it!  YAY!  Thank you, babe!

So ends the Rocket Tab Chapter of “On the Bead Mat” with  Phew!  (Hee hee!)



Welcome to Misti’s Jewelry Blog!

Hi all!

I’m excited to share with you my first Misti’s Jewelry Blog using WordPress!  As some of you know, I have been using BlogSpot.  But with WordPress, I can actually add my blog to my website with personalized backgrounds, etc.  This makes for a very #HappyBeader!  I am seeing there are a lot of features to figure out, so I hope you enjoy my discoveries along the way.  For now, I thought I would just keep it simple, and tell you a little bit about what’s on the docket for Misti’s Jewelry.

So, #WhatsNew with Misti’s Jewelry?  If you click on Shows & Events, you see I will be at the Gem Faire in Costa Mesa this coming weekend.  I’m happy to be sharing for the first time at Gem Faire my “Spirals & Swirls Earrings”,2014-10-24 10.30.54 my “You’ve Captured My Heart Pendant”, and a beginning bracelet class.  “Spirals & Swirls” is a beginning wire working class.  I will share a little bit about the nature and kinds of wire available, as well as teaching how to create these cool earrings.  =)  The “You’ve Captured My Heart Pendant” You've Captured My Heart Pendant is a class on how to make a 3d cube with a crystal inside.  It’s fun.  No needle working experience is necessary, but it helps.  The Beginning Bracelet class is pretty self-explanatory.  You don’t have to know a thing about jewelry making to take this class.  It’s a kind of ‘get your feet wet and see if you like it’ class.  =)  You can see pictures of the projects and a sample bracelet for the Beginning class on the Classes page or on the Gem Faire Website.  These are all new classes to Gem Faire.

I have a super cuddly kitty on my lap right now, as I’m typing.  Bless her heart.  Muffin is so prrry & sweet.  She’s funny, she’s a licker!  Go figure!  I have a dog that doesn’t lick people, and cat that does!  LOL  Oops…there she goes, kitty bath time!  LOL   121110150316

And…I better get going.  Gotta spend some time doing something other than blogging and beading–husbands need TLC, too.  =)  So long for now.  And hey, I’d love to hear what you’re up to!  So leave me a comment if you like.  =)

Delightfully beading away,

Misti — #TheHappyBeader