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Today’s blog is taken from Erica Duran’s website.    After I posted the first version, I could hear my husband telling me, it’s too long.  No one is going to read all that!  So, if you notice this post changed, you now know why.  Here is the Reader’s Digest version.  =)  You can read the complete article HERE.  It is definitely worth the time to read her complete version, too, if you ask me.  =)

I hope this encourages you that you can get organized and stay organized, too.  I’m gonna’ give it a whirl.  Want to go for it with me?  I’d love to hear your progress, and we can cheer each other on!  Here it is: (“The 12 Essential Lists & Charts You Need To Get & STAY Productive & Organized Forever” By Erica Duran, condensed version)

Getting Organized, Tips from Erica Duran


Making lists help you focus your energies. Relying solely on memory & will-power will overwhelm you & wear you down, especially in today’s saturated media lifestyle. How? Start with the big picture, and work your way down.  You can hand write your lists, or use a document program like Word & store them in your Dropbox so you can have them on any device you carry with you.

  1. GOALS & DREAMS: Go to a distraction-free, inspiring place & brainstorm all the goals and big dreams you have for your life. Write them down, being precise & clear. If you’re too vague, you won’t be able to achieve them.
  2. MASTER TASK LIST: Write down all the major projects in your life & business from the Goals & Dreams list you just made. Only include CURRENT projects that you will ACTUALLY work on at this time in your life. (Don’t worry, there’s a place for the other stuff on the Someday list.)
  3. SOMEDAY/MAYBE LIST: This is where all those fleeting thoughts of things you’d like to do go, so that you can evaluate them later. These are not ideas that have been thought through enough yet to warrant being on the Master Task List. This is the “write it down so you won’t forget about it, but keep focused on what you’re doing now” list.
  4. QUARTERLY GOALS: In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing lifestyle, evaluating and tracking your goals on a quarterly basis is a more feasible approach than annual goal-setting. Categorize your goals to help identify which goals are important but not necessarily urgent:   God, Spouse, Home, Business, Family, Friends, Health, Vacation.
  5. DAILY TASK LIST: Make a week’s plan, and then break it down into daily to-do’s to avoid the reactionary and overwhelming feeling of trying to fit everything into one day. Evaluate your Master Task List and your calendar to create your daily task list on a daily basis.
  6. WEEKLY MEAL PLANNING: Take a few minutes per week to plan out your meals & make a grocery list. This will help avoid the mealtime panic of what to do for dinner.
  7. MASTER SHOPPING LIST: Keep a Master Shopping List categorized by the stores you frequent. This is where you keep track of all those, “I need to get this at some point, and don’t want to forget” items. Here you can keep track of things you are running low on, or write down the URL of things you’d like to purchase sometime.


Rituals are charts that list tasks you’d like to accomplish on a regular basis or serve as a reminder of tasks that don’t happen enough to become a habit.

  1. DAILY RITUALS: These could be things you’d like to do daily, like devotions, exercise, make the bed, be a better listener, etc. Some are reminders to help make or break a habit that is on your quarterly goals list.
  2. WEEKLY, MONTHLY, QUARTERLY/SEMI-ANNUALLY, ANNUALLY: These charts are for things that happen less frequently, like flipping the mattress, or wiping down the window sills.

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I would love to hear from you about this.  Let’s get a chat going.  =)  How do you get & stay organized?

Yours truly,


“…whatever they do prospers”

As I endeavor to build my business, wanting it to grow and flourish–to prosper–is always on my mind.  I want to do my best.   I want to give my best to and for my customers, in whatever way I can & whatever that means, without worrying about “the money”.  But reality says, “Count the cost.  Consider what ends will be produced.  Is this where I want to go with my business?  Will this bless my customers?  Is this worth the time and effort I’m putting into it?” All these questions swim around in my head.

And then there are the myriad of other things to do behind the scenes, other than the fun of designing & making jewelry & patterns, etc.  There’s my website, emails, shows, working with vendors… then there’s the BOOK KEEPING–bluh!  I actually don’t mind it, but it seems like such a mountain to keep on top of!  And of course there are the daily chores around the house, and the TLC of a husband, 2012-08-25_15-19-09_5431211101503162 cats & a dog to consider. Snickers is hungry There’s family and friends to spend time with, and church–these are the easier occupations of life, at least.  But there are just so many good things to occupy my time that sometimes it is all so overwhelming.  AND in there somewhere, I have to take care of myself!  Do you ever feel that way about your life?  Do the details of life swim around in your head too, or am I alone in this?  And you want to be successful/prosper in your endeavors, too, right?   So why does it seem so difficult?  And why am I stressing about it all?  Why is it so hard to decide what project or task I should tackle next?

Fear is such a nasty thing.  It grabs you by the heart, and infects your mind, and if you’re like me, affects your body!  (I’m keeping my massage therapist and chiropractor in business, at least.  LOL)  For me, it’s the biggest mountain in all of this to overcome.  But what am I really afraid of?  Failing, failing myself, failing my husband, failing my customers, failing my Heavenly Father.  That last one is the hardest one.  But everyday He reminds me how much He loves me, that He delights in who He made me to be and that He is not a hard task master with a javelin in His hand, waiting for me to mess up so He can pass judgment on me.  Wow!  Where do we get such awful images of God?  He keeps on reminding me that it is He who is at work in me, that I am His workmanship (not my own workmanship), created for good works in Christ, that I should walk in them (not stress or scurry through them).  I don’t need to worry about failing.  He is as at work in me.  So, stop it, would you, Misti?!

Okay, so where does the title come in?  Yesterday morning, as I have been weighing what truly matters, what truly is important, the Lord reminded me that I really do need to spend time with Him in His Word for my well-being.  If you’re like me, reading the Bible can seem daunting–the big picture that I see is a huge book that I could never possibly read in entirety, and even if I did, how could I possibly remember any of it.   But I know I “should”; rather, that I need to.  But where do I begin?  So, I went to and thought I would see what they had to offer for Bible Study and reading.  I saw, “Scripture Engagement” and that sounded intriguing.  So, I started reading it.  It was refreshing and encouraging, as the Bible always is.  And in it was this verse:  “Blessed is the one…whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on His law day and night.”  Ps. 1:2  I didn’t stop reading there. The next verse really stood out to me.  “That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither–whatever they do prospers.”  Prospers… there is that word.  I knew that verse, I read it many times.  But there is my answer!   If I truly want to prosper, I NEED to meditate on the Scriptures, for in them are the words of life.   I want to be that tree planted by streams of water so that I will never thirst or run dry!  I want to yield my fruit in season, and I certainly don’t want my leaves to wither.  LOL  (I don’t think that is referring to aging, though.  LOL)  And YES, I WANT TO PROSPER!  So my answer is “Scripture Engagement”.   (Here is the link to that page, in case you are interested:  The cool thing about this is that I love to write–obviously.  And writing my meditations on the Word help me remember what I read.   And hopefully, it will be an encouragement to you.  I really do want to be a blessing to you.  So, I hope my meditations help you.  And if you ever need prayer, please feel free to email me.  Okay?

I look forward to your comments!

Hoping your day “prospers” and your mountains seem more like an adventurous hike!


The Happy Beader
The Happy Beader