Turn a Bead into a Pendant

Wire-Wrapped Bead — Turn a Bead into a Pendant — Make & Take Class

Turn a bead into a pendant with ease!
Turn a Bead Into a Pendant Make & Take Class

Okay, maybe you already thought beading was easy, but have you learned how to turn a bead into a pendant in just minutes yet?  Come check it out!  You’ll learn how to use wire to create this simple, yet stylish pendant from a bead!   It’s quick & easy!  Space is limited so don’t wait to sign up!  Bail-making tool sold separately. Click HERE for more information.

Stop on by!
Misti’s Jewelry booth

Class is held at the Misti’s Jewelry booth at Gem Faire, Costa Mesa on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  See times, dates and location information below.  You may also email me for more information at Classes@mistisjewelry.com.

Wire-Wrapped Bead Make & Take Class Details

Class fee: $5           Supplies: $5

Daily:   Friday – Sunday, October 14 – 16, 2016

  • 11:30 – 11:45am Click HERE to register
  • 12:15 – 12:30pm Click HERE to register

Other times available:  Walk-up & ask for availability.


OC Fair & Event Center, 88 Fair Dr., Costa Mesa, CA

Come ready to bead!  I will have all the tools & supplies that you need.   For more information, visit Misti’s Jewelry Calendar HERE.   Also, you can visit the Gem Faire Website for my Class List.

I suggest you bring a bottle of water, wear comfortable shoes because you’ll most likely want to spend the day shopping!!!  Hee hee!  Gem Faire is so much fun, and so is this project!  So, I really hope you can make it to my class. And don’t forget to at least stop by and say hello!  I’m always thrilled when I get a chance to say hello to you and see all the goodies you’ve found.  If you need help or suggestions of what booths to visit, I can help with that, as well.  Gem Faire–it’s only a few short weeks away, so make sure to start planning your classes now!

Visit Misti’s Jewelry’s Square Market to register for all Misti’s Jewelry’s classes at the Gem Faire.




Here’s My Beading Story, It’s Easy, Really!

Beading? It’s Easy?  Really?

“Here’s My Beading Story, It’s Easy, Really!” you read and think, “Yeah, right!  I don’t even know where to begin!”  Maybe you want to try beading, but just don’t know if you can do it.  Well, I’m here to say, “It’s easy, really!”  If I can do it, YOU can do it.  Or maybe you are already beading jewelry & you KNOW how easy it is.  Either way…

Here’s my Beading Story.

This is me. I'm the Happy Beader. Read "My Beading Story, It's Easy!"
The Happy Beader, who discovered, “Beading, it’s Easy!”

My first time making a bracelet got me hooked.  It was so easy, I couldn’t believe it.   A friend called me up and invited me over for a beading party.  I was a little skeptical, never having done it before, but agreed.  “It’s easy, really!”  she assured me.  So I figured, “Why not give beading a try?”  She provided the beads, I picked the colors, strung them on & she showed me how to add the clasp.  My very first bracelet and it was really easy!  Easy & fun!  (Hey, we “Otter personalities” have to have fun!  If it’s not fun, it’s not worth it!)

As a child, my story was that I when I didn’t understand something in class, it was very stressful to me because the Golden Retriever Personality part of me wanted to please.  So, I worked really hard to do well.

Part of My Beading Story is that my personality is part "Golden Retriever". I care, I want to help, I'm loyal, just like Gold Retrievers.
Golden Retriever Service Dog Changes Owner’s Life. Click to read the story.

Let me explain a little more about my challenges.  My chiropractor, Dr. Rod Melvin, says I live inside the clock.  What he is referring to is the Clock Tower in Back to the Future Movie–you know the scene where the Doc has just climbed out of the Clock Tower?

My Beading Story is that I can see things from inside the clock tower (seeing the back side of the clock face) or outside the Clock Tower, like the majority.
Doc just climbed out of the clock…

Inside the tower, the clock chimed loudly but you could see the back of the clock face.

My story is that I can see things from both sides.  I can imagine being in the clock or outside–seeing it like everyone else.  Afterall, clockwise is relative to which side of the clock face you’re on!  LOL  That can be a really good thing, it helps with creativity & being able to show others how to do things in many different ways, but it also can make learning new things (like Math or even creative arts) a real challenge for me at times.  For example, when I was in Geometry class in high school, what would take others only 3 or 4 steps to prove took me 14!  My story is I just see things differently, and usually make them way harder than they really are.  But once I’ve conquered something, then I can usually explain things really well because I can see it more than one way.  Math was my biggest struggle in school, and I had many a tear over it.  BUT I worked & worked at it & even majored in it in College.   Then I went on to be a (very understanding) math tutor.  Now, as an adult, I don’t want the kind of stress I had learning math.  It’s gotta be fun.  If I don’t get it, it’s stressful!  And stress is not fun!

Okay, so what does all that have to do with to my beading story?  Read on…

After the beading party was over, I wanted to continue this fun beading story!  (Of course, right?!)  But then I found myself feeling lost in the bead store with no one to help me make good selections.  I wanted to get some beads & supplies so I could do more beading, but just didn’t know  where to begin.  My friend wasn’t an instructor, and didn’t know how to help me choose.  But that didn’t stop me!  LOL  My beading story didn’t end there!  This little otter girl was up for the adventure!

Once I had a collection of beads to play with, I did some basic stringing & loved it!  I was hooked!  I decided to try out some beading patterns.  Man, oh man!  That can be tricky for a beginner who lives “inside the clock”!   But being the determined little otter I am, I worked at it until I got it!  And is it fun!  And my beading story is, “It’s easy, really”!   You don’t have to worry–even if you are inside the Clock Tower like me!   This little otter girl is here to help!  I have beading classespatterns, kits & supplies, and even FREE Resources to help you on your way, and lots of experience in helping others.  I even schedule Gem Faire Shopping Experiences, for personal assistance.  And whether you are experienced and just want to follow the charts, or are brand new and need the step by step words & pictures, my goal has been to provide that in all of my patterns!  Granted, there may be a few that aren’t as thorough as others, but I’m here to help either way.  Just call or email me!



Single Needle Flat Right Angle Weave FREE Tutorial by Misti’s Jewelry

“Understanding Single Needle Right Angle Weave” FREE Misti’s Jewelry Tutorial

by Misti Cleveland ©2015 All rights reserved.

 I’m a right angle weave girl.  I love to create with right angle weave.  Because I have so much experience using it, charting it, and creating my own patterns using it, I thought it only fitting to share my understanding of right angle weave and offer you this tutorial FREE.

Although the basis of this stitch or “weave” is the right angle, I like to think of it as circles, only these circles have square corners.  You are always “circling around” through your work.  If you came into a bead from the left, you are going to circle around and come into it from the left again in the same circle/column.  It’s like circling around your block.  You head down the street and turn right, then you turn right again, and right again.  Then you end up back where you left off.  That’s the whole idea!

For the first circle/column of right angle weave, you circle around clockwise (from left to right) through the beads.  For the second circle/column, you change directions and circle counter-clockwise (from right to left) through all.   Think of it as a series of figure 8s.

Please note:  diagrams in this FREE Right Angle Weave tutorial are illustrated with Fireline, not Illusion Cord.  When using Illusion Cord, there is no need to reinforce each circle.

Okay, let’s get started on this fun adventure exploring my “Understanding Right Angle Weave” Tutorial:

Understanding Right Angle Weave Tutorial Concept #1:

In true right angle weave, you never go “back through” by changing directions of entry through a bead in the same circle/column.

Right Angle Weave Basic Pattern
The basic pattern of Right Angle Weave (Figure 1)

For example, if you were to insert your threaded needle into bead #1 from the bottom, you would circle clockwise around through #2, 3 and 4 and then up through #1 again.  You would never go through 1-4 and then reverse directions and go “back through” #4.  If you were to go “back through” #4, and continue to #1, all the beads would fall off.  And that’s not quite the goal here, hee hee.

Understanding Right Angle Weave Tutorial Concept #2:

In true right angle weave, you never go straight across.

Square knot on first circle of right angle weave
Visit my website for tips on knots.  (fig. 2)

For example, you have just made your first column, or circle as I like to say, by stringing on 4 bi-cone crystals, circling around through #1-4  twice to reinforce, and tying a square knot with the tail & needle- or working-end of the thread.  The tail and working- end then hang loose between #1 & #4. (Figure 2)

To add in another circle or column of beads, (Figure 3) you would continue circling around in the same clockwise direction, going up through #1 and around, just as before, as indicated by the green arrow, so that  the needle is exiting out the bottom of the #3 (Figure 4). This bead (#3) will now be part of your next circle/column, and is called the transition bead.  Then string on your next 3 beads (Figure 5). Now continue around in a counter-clockwise direction.  NOTE: When you transition to the next column, you change overall direction from clockwise to counter-clockwise, as shown. (Figures 4 & 5)

The big picture when doing single needle right angle weave
Starting Right Angle Weave — the big picture (Fig. 3)
The thread path to the next circle of beads.
The thread path of right angle weave. (Fig. 4)




Now go counter-clockwise as you add 3 beads to this single needle right angle weave pattern.
Transitioning to the next “circle” in right angle weave begins to create the figure 8 shape. (Fig. 5)


DO: From the knot, continue around in a clockwise direction until you exit out of the bottom of #3, the transition bead. THEN string on 3 beads (#5-7). (Figure 4)    After exiting the transition bead, to attach the beads just strung (#5-7), change the overall direction in this new column from clockwise to counter-clockwise by circling around in a counter-clockwise direction and go through the transition bead just exited (#3), from top to bottom.  (Figure 6)

Now attach the new circle by going down through the transition bead, same as before.  This makes 2 circles/columns of right angle weave.
Even when you circle counter-clockwise to attach the 2nd circle right angle weave, you are still going through the #3 bead in the same direction. (Fig. 6)



Don't make the mistake of going straight across to add the next circle.
In right angle weave, never go straight across. (Fig. 7)

DON’T:  From the knot, DO NOT change  directions  by going back through #4 then straight across to  string on the next 3 beads. (Figure 7) This will leave exposed thread between #4 & #5.

Remember to change from clockwise to counter-clockwise or you will end up with a drop instead of another cirlce of single needle right angle weave.
If you go through the connecting bead of the completed right angle weave circle in the opposite direction, you will get a drop, instead of another circle. (Fig. 8)


DON’T: After exiting the transition bead, #3, DO NOT continue in the same direction through #5, 6 & 7 and then change the direction in the circle/column #1  by going up through #3. (Figure 8)  This will form a teardrop shape, not a full circle.

TRANSITIONING TO A NEW ROW:    All of the same principles apply.  Circle around the last column until the thread has exited a bead that will be part of the new circle, the transition bead. (Figure 9)

transitioning to the 2nd row of single needle right angle weave.
Circle around through the last circle of right angle weave until you pass through the bottom bead. (Fig. 9)

In this case, the row is being added below the first one, so the bottom bead of the last circle/column is the transition bead.


Add three beads, as before, but this time the transition bead is at the bottom of the single needle right angle weave.
Notice how in right angle weave, even when adding a second row, you still go through the connecting bead in the same direction. (Figure 10)

Following the same principles as above, string on 3 crystals, circle around counter-clockwise (opposite of the direction of the previous circle) and reinforce. (Figure 10)

To finish the row, you will only be adding 2 beads to each circle/column of right angle weave.
With all the previous circles, you added 3 beads.  When you add your second circle of right angle weave on the second row, you only add 2 beads to complete the circle.  (Figure 11)

For the rest of this row (#2), you will add only 2 crystals at a time, using the existing top crystal & right side crystal previously strung as part of your circle/column. (Figure 11)

Continue the pattern to add more rows.  To read a Right Angle Weave Chart, applying the basic principles outlined above, follow the numbers.

And that is the basics of Right Angle Weave.  You will find, as you practice, you can do a lot of creative things with Right Angle Weave.  And don’t forget that embellishing, or using different shaped beads can change the look dramatically.  So, have fun, experiment, and email me pictures of what you create with Right Angle Weave.

And remember, if you make a “mistake”, it’s okay.  Our flaws make us sparkle!  <3  Misti

Beading Tips Du Jour

Are you like me?  Do you find this really cool pattern & want to give it your own color combination but aren’t sure where to begin?  Well, allow me to share what has helped me.

Tip #1:  It’s okay to try out a combination and see if you like it.  If you don’t, it’s OKAY TO TAKE IT APART & START OVER!  It’s not a waste of time or money or effort.  It’s part of the creative learning process.  And, you don’t necessarily have to make the whole project to see if it will suit your taste or not.  Just GO FOR IT and change it if you want to!

Tip#2:  Maybe you have a peyote stitch or right angle weave chart that was taught in one color and you want to change it to a different color or to more than one.  Here are my suggestions:

1. Scan the chart into your computer, and then open it in an art program, like Paint Shop Pro.  (Or you can print it out & color it by hand, if you like.)

2. Fill/color in all the beads pictured with white, so you have a blank form with which to start.  (If you are coloring it in White-out or Liquid Paper, then you’ll want to let it dry, scan it again and print it out again.)

If the colored pattern is of flowers or some other specific design that you just want to change part of the color, only fill those particular beads with a new color.  Don’t white out all of the beads or you could have a doozy of a time recreating the pattern of flowers or whatever was there.

3. Starting with the last/most complete picture of the pattern, color in the beads as desired.  This will help you see what it actually turn out like.

When I first tried this on a chart, I had started with the first picture which only showed the first three rows.  first two rows

By the time I got to the overall pattern picture, it didn’t look anything like what I wanted.  So it really helps to work your way from an overall picture like this one backwards.  overall rows

Tip #3:  You don’t have to do the whole project on one thread!  It’s OKAY to make individual pieces and then stitch them together later!

Tip #4:  It’s OKAY to use glue to make your beads stay put!

The Bottom Line is:  do what you want to!  There are no hard fast rules in beading.  It’s what works for you!  So, play.  Have fun.  Enjoy.  Don’t make it be work!  Make it yours!  Let it go!  Breathe!  Each piece of artwork has its own beauty–“flaws” and all!  And remember, our flaws are what makes us sparkle!

Have a happy, beadingly fun, sparkly day!


The Happy Beader
The Happy Beader

Do you ever feel this way?

I had this fabulous weekend at Gem Faire with some really great people.  I did well, and happily paid my fees to Gem Faire. 20140510_093836 I was even blessed by my next door vendor with a hot dog for lunch!  I loved the whole Gem Faire, then had a great day a church the next day, and then visiting my folks & some very dear friends.  #GREATWEEKEND!  (How was yours?  I hope you had a super one, too. )

Monday comes.  Then the swarm of things I have to do hits again.  Are you a big picture person like me?  Do you see a mass of things to do and all the details overwhelm you?  Boy, they do me!  I love what I do, really.  I love all of it.  I love the inspiration of shopping for my projects, I love the creativity of actually making new items, I love the computer art necessary to write a pattern, program a page, make flyers, etc.  I even love sorting my beads! — But I’m no expert juggler.  And I have a lot of balls in the air.  Am I alone in this?

Then here is today’s verse.  “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”” –Joshua 1:9 (Did you notice it near the bottom of my home page?  Cool, huh?  It auto-updates!  I love programming!  Thanks, Deb, for encouraging me to go for it!)

Amazing, huh?  God is listening.  I’m so thankful we are HIS workmanship, not our own.  If I had to do this alone, I don’t know how I would handle it.   There’s this song that comes up on Pandora, that has a line, “You make me brave”.  Yes, He does.  What a blessing!

Be strong & courageous today.  =)  And may the blessing of the Lord rest upon all you do.

Delightfully beading away (amongst other things, hee hee),


The Happy Beader
#The Happy Beader


A Big Thank You…

I had an absolutely fabulous time this weekend at Gem Faire! So many of you came to see me, took classes and hung out. I loved it! I had a blast! I feel like Tigger personified! Whoo hoo! You all were so nice, too! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you all for a record breaking weekend! God bless you, real good!thank you block

“…whatever they do prospers”

As I endeavor to build my business, wanting it to grow and flourish–to prosper–is always on my mind.  I want to do my best.   I want to give my best to and for my customers, in whatever way I can & whatever that means, without worrying about “the money”.  But reality says, “Count the cost.  Consider what ends will be produced.  Is this where I want to go with my business?  Will this bless my customers?  Is this worth the time and effort I’m putting into it?” All these questions swim around in my head.

And then there are the myriad of other things to do behind the scenes, other than the fun of designing & making jewelry & patterns, etc.  There’s my website, emails, shows, working with vendors… then there’s the BOOK KEEPING–bluh!  I actually don’t mind it, but it seems like such a mountain to keep on top of!  And of course there are the daily chores around the house, and the TLC of a husband, 2012-08-25_15-19-09_5431211101503162 cats & a dog to consider. Snickers is hungry There’s family and friends to spend time with, and church–these are the easier occupations of life, at least.  But there are just so many good things to occupy my time that sometimes it is all so overwhelming.  AND in there somewhere, I have to take care of myself!  Do you ever feel that way about your life?  Do the details of life swim around in your head too, or am I alone in this?  And you want to be successful/prosper in your endeavors, too, right?   So why does it seem so difficult?  And why am I stressing about it all?  Why is it so hard to decide what project or task I should tackle next?

Fear is such a nasty thing.  It grabs you by the heart, and infects your mind, and if you’re like me, affects your body!  (I’m keeping my massage therapist and chiropractor in business, at least.  LOL)  For me, it’s the biggest mountain in all of this to overcome.  But what am I really afraid of?  Failing, failing myself, failing my husband, failing my customers, failing my Heavenly Father.  That last one is the hardest one.  But everyday He reminds me how much He loves me, that He delights in who He made me to be and that He is not a hard task master with a javelin in His hand, waiting for me to mess up so He can pass judgment on me.  Wow!  Where do we get such awful images of God?  He keeps on reminding me that it is He who is at work in me, that I am His workmanship (not my own workmanship), created for good works in Christ, that I should walk in them (not stress or scurry through them).  I don’t need to worry about failing.  He is as at work in me.  So, stop it, would you, Misti?!

Okay, so where does the title come in?  Yesterday morning, as I have been weighing what truly matters, what truly is important, the Lord reminded me that I really do need to spend time with Him in His Word for my well-being.  If you’re like me, reading the Bible can seem daunting–the big picture that I see is a huge book that I could never possibly read in entirety, and even if I did, how could I possibly remember any of it.   But I know I “should”; rather, that I need to.  But where do I begin?  So, I went to www.BibleGateway.com and thought I would see what they had to offer for Bible Study and reading.  I saw, “Scripture Engagement” and that sounded intriguing.  So, I started reading it.  It was refreshing and encouraging, as the Bible always is.  And in it was this verse:  “Blessed is the one…whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on His law day and night.”  Ps. 1:2  I didn’t stop reading there. The next verse really stood out to me.  “That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither–whatever they do prospers.”  Prospers… there is that word.  I knew that verse, I read it many times.  But there is my answer!   If I truly want to prosper, I NEED to meditate on the Scriptures, for in them are the words of life.   I want to be that tree planted by streams of water so that I will never thirst or run dry!  I want to yield my fruit in season, and I certainly don’t want my leaves to wither.  LOL  (I don’t think that is referring to aging, though.  LOL)  And YES, I WANT TO PROSPER!  So my answer is “Scripture Engagement”.   (Here is the link to that page, in case you are interested:  https://www.biblegateway.com/resources/scripture-engagement/)  The cool thing about this is that I love to write–obviously.  And writing my meditations on the Word help me remember what I read.   And hopefully, it will be an encouragement to you.  I really do want to be a blessing to you.  So, I hope my meditations help you.  And if you ever need prayer, please feel free to email me.  Okay?

I look forward to your comments!

Hoping your day “prospers” and your mountains seem more like an adventurous hike!


The Happy Beader
The Happy Beader