Do you, “Own it?”

It’s human nature to point the finger.  As kids, we learn early on that if we get caught doing something we shouldn’t be, there will be some form of punishment–maybe a spanking, a time out, a favorite toy taken away, play time cut short, no TV, no Oreos.  (Well, that would be punishment for me!)  You get the point.  As kids, my older sister learned that if she wasn’t the one carrying out the deed, she wouldn’t get in trouble.  So, she would pose questions to our brother (the middle child, poor guy!) to get him to do something she knew would invoke punishment.  My poor, innocent brother would be intrigued by her question, carry out the deed, and then I would tell!  It took him awhile to figure this out and eventually he stopped taking her advice and stopped hearing “Scotty did it!”

  1968.11 Miller family no title(Here is my family, back in the day. I'm the smiley, littlest one, on the left.)

The funny thing is, I don’t remember if we girls ever got in trouble for our part.  Oh, I got in trouble my fair share, and so did my sister, but who wants to own up to their mistakes?  Nobody WANTS to get in trouble & be punished for their wrong doings.

As adults, we still tend to avoid “getting in trouble”, we still don’t want to take the blame, or take responsibility for our actions, unless we did something we think is worthy of another’s praise!  Then we are all over it!  Human nature, human nature is like that.  We do things we regret, we say things we regret, we avoid doing things we should, we avoid saying things we should, and we don’t want to get caught–all because we are afraid of some sort of punishment.  And we like to point the finger so we don’t have to be responsible for our actions.   We say things like, “My parents never taught me any different,” or, “he made me angry,” or, “she started it,” or, “if you hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have had to …” or, “well, if you hadn’t tempted me to…then I would never have…”  The extreme cases are like the person who files a lawsuit  when they spill hot coffee on themselves. (follow the link to see the comic I posted on my Misti’s Jewelry Facebook Page or go to my Pinterest Board.)  “If the coffee hadn’t been so hot, I wouldn’t have burned myself!  It’s YOUR fault for making the coffee hot!” when the truth is, if they had been more careful and not spilled their coffee, then they wouldn’t have gotten burned.  We humans just don’t want to take responsibility for our actions.  We don’t want to be punished, even if that “punishment” is in the form of ridicule or embarrassment.

But God reminds us of how much He loves us and that we need not be afraid of punishment.  “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”  1 John 4:18  He loves us, and although no one WANTS to be punished or disciplined, it is good for us.  “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”  Hebrews 12:11  God isn’t into beating us, He is into helping us grow and be healthy.  He wants us to have abundant life, not to live in fear. 

And here is something else that is amazing about our Heavenly Father.  Daniel tells us God “holds your breath in His hand and owns all your ways.”  (Dan. 5:23)  God owns our ways.  Do our ways reflect the God of love?  Do our ways honor Him?  Do our ways speak of His character?  Are there things you’d rather not own up to?  It’s okay, there is forgiveness through Jesus.  You don’t have to be afraid.  Let’s take responsibility for our ways, since God owns them, and confess our wrong-doings before Him.  He will lovingly forgive and accept us.  He will help us overcome, through His lovingkindness expressed through discipline.  “His rod & staff, they comfort me,” says Psalm 23.  The shepherd uses his rod to correct his sheep, and his staff to direct his sheep, but the sheep aren’t afraid of Him because they know He would never do anything hurtful or harmful to them, but to do them good, only to love & protect & provide for them.  Our Good Shepherd does the same for us.  And sometimes the only way He can speak to us is through pain.  But God is doing a good work through the pain.  Like I say to my chiropractor, “It hurts good.”

I encourage you to not be afraid of personal responsibility.  There is life and peace in it–God is in it.  After all, He owns our ways.  And more than that, He loves us!  He loves us!

Thank you! from Misti’s Jewelry

The Happy Beader
The Happy Beader

As I am working on my Misti’s Jewelry website, listening to the comforting sound of the rain as it falls on our thirsty California land,

I love a rainy day!

and going through the comments you all have been leaving, I felt it only right to leave a note of thanks.  I so appreciate each one of you who take the time to leave a personal, non-spam, note.  It means a lot to me and I just wanted you all to know how thankful I am for you.  Your input has helped me improve not only my blog, but also my website and my personal skills as a Misti’s Jewelry business person.  You encourage me.  So, thank you!! #FeelingBlessed

As a way of showing my gratitude, I have created a page on my website called, “Because I Care“.  It has information that has nothing to do with jewelry-making–things like internet scam alerts, tax information, neighborhood safety, etc.  I am constantly updating this page, so check back often.  And if you have a helpful note or information you would like me to consider adding to my “Because I Care” page, please contact me via email.  Let’s help each other make the web a better place!

And I’d like to take this opportunity to add in a funny little note, speaking of helpful hints from you all.  LOL  This one is actually from my hubby.  He went to my Misti’s Jewelry FAQs page, you know, “Frequently Asked Questions”.   I’m not going to tell you what he said.  You’ll just have to take a look at it, and then leave a comment on what you guess he said!  It’s just too funny!  Silly  me!

I’m off to bake some cookies for my husband.  What else does one do on a rainy day besides blog & bake cookies, right?

And now my dog is telling me he is ready for his supper…

Snickers is hungry

…so, I better go.

I look forward to hearing from you again soon.  You are a blessing in my life.   Thank you, from the bead mat to the heart.

thank you block

Getting Organized

Today’s blog is taken from Erica Duran’s website.    After I posted the first version, I could hear my husband telling me, it’s too long.  No one is going to read all that!  So, if you notice this post changed, you now know why.  Here is the Reader’s Digest version.  =)  You can read the complete article HERE.  It is definitely worth the time to read her complete version, too, if you ask me.  =)

I hope this encourages you that you can get organized and stay organized, too.  I’m gonna’ give it a whirl.  Want to go for it with me?  I’d love to hear your progress, and we can cheer each other on!  Here it is: (“The 12 Essential Lists & Charts You Need To Get & STAY Productive & Organized Forever” By Erica Duran, condensed version)

Getting Organized, Tips from Erica Duran


Making lists help you focus your energies. Relying solely on memory & will-power will overwhelm you & wear you down, especially in today’s saturated media lifestyle. How? Start with the big picture, and work your way down.  You can hand write your lists, or use a document program like Word & store them in your Dropbox so you can have them on any device you carry with you.

  1. GOALS & DREAMS: Go to a distraction-free, inspiring place & brainstorm all the goals and big dreams you have for your life. Write them down, being precise & clear. If you’re too vague, you won’t be able to achieve them.
  2. MASTER TASK LIST: Write down all the major projects in your life & business from the Goals & Dreams list you just made. Only include CURRENT projects that you will ACTUALLY work on at this time in your life. (Don’t worry, there’s a place for the other stuff on the Someday list.)
  3. SOMEDAY/MAYBE LIST: This is where all those fleeting thoughts of things you’d like to do go, so that you can evaluate them later. These are not ideas that have been thought through enough yet to warrant being on the Master Task List. This is the “write it down so you won’t forget about it, but keep focused on what you’re doing now” list.
  4. QUARTERLY GOALS: In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing lifestyle, evaluating and tracking your goals on a quarterly basis is a more feasible approach than annual goal-setting. Categorize your goals to help identify which goals are important but not necessarily urgent:   God, Spouse, Home, Business, Family, Friends, Health, Vacation.
  5. DAILY TASK LIST: Make a week’s plan, and then break it down into daily to-do’s to avoid the reactionary and overwhelming feeling of trying to fit everything into one day. Evaluate your Master Task List and your calendar to create your daily task list on a daily basis.
  6. WEEKLY MEAL PLANNING: Take a few minutes per week to plan out your meals & make a grocery list. This will help avoid the mealtime panic of what to do for dinner.
  7. MASTER SHOPPING LIST: Keep a Master Shopping List categorized by the stores you frequent. This is where you keep track of all those, “I need to get this at some point, and don’t want to forget” items. Here you can keep track of things you are running low on, or write down the URL of things you’d like to purchase sometime.


Rituals are charts that list tasks you’d like to accomplish on a regular basis or serve as a reminder of tasks that don’t happen enough to become a habit.

  1. DAILY RITUALS: These could be things you’d like to do daily, like devotions, exercise, make the bed, be a better listener, etc. Some are reminders to help make or break a habit that is on your quarterly goals list.
  2. WEEKLY, MONTHLY, QUARTERLY/SEMI-ANNUALLY, ANNUALLY: These charts are for things that happen less frequently, like flipping the mattress, or wiping down the window sills.

(“Freedom Based Lifestyle Designer, Published Productivity Expert, Web Developer & Internet Marketer, Erica Duran, Teaches “Escape Artists” Lifestyle Entrepreneurs how to Simplify, Be More Productive and Get the Lifestyle of their Dreams! Never Settle! Visit to Subscribe Today!”)


I would love to hear from you about this.  Let’s get a chat going.  =)  How do you get & stay organized?

Yours truly,


Rocket Tab Saga — FINALE!

The Rocket Tab SAGA:

I update my IE (or maybe some other program), as requested, near the end of February, as best as I can figure.  I miss the checkbox that says, in effect, that Rocket Tab will be added with the update.  (I hate those stealth add-ons!)

I go to my website, and now Rocket Tab Ads pop-up (that are linked to some not-so-clean & some regular shopping websites).  YIKES!  I want to get rid of it!  But every good computer user knows  you shouldn’t click on a link to something you are unfamiliar with, or is suspicious, right?  So, my hubby & I check my installed programs, and you know the whole nine-yards, as I have documented the steps we took to rid my computer of this add-on over the last month—and all to no avail!  YIKES again!


Finally, I tried clicking on the “Powered by Rocket Tab” hyperlink, and it gives me some “schpeal” about the service they give and if you want to turn off the pop-ups to click on the button.  And it gave the option of giving feedback to  So, I clicked on the button, the pop-ups disappeared & HA!  Now we found the source!  Superfish!  So, Gary hunted until he found a Superfish add-on on my computer & got rid of it!  YAY!  Thank you, babe!

So ends the Rocket Tab Chapter of “On the Bead Mat” with  Phew!  (Hee hee!)



Tips — mine & yours

  Happy Saturday, from #TheHappyBeader!  =)

The Happy Beader
The Happy Beader

I am hoping that my blog has been helping some of you with your battles, both in beading and in life & I appreciate hearing from each of you.   I appreciate the replies to my newsletters, and my blog posts!    You all brighten my days.  =)  So, thank you.  I feel blessed.

As I was praying about my life this morning, it occurred to me that some of you might have tips for me!   I am a novice programmer, I’m sure you can tell by my website.  LOL  It’s not too bad, I guess, but there are some things I just don’t know how to do.  (And I can’t afford to pay for help.)  I am working my way through Codecademy, thanks to my dear neighbor Zef, and that has made a lot of difference.  But, if you know anything about programming and see something that just doesn’t show up right on your screen (phone, tablet or computer) and have an html programming tip for me, PLEASE email me, or if it’s short, post a comment!  If there are features you know how to do that I haven’t put on my website, like drop down menus, or pop-up mouse-overs, etc., I would sure appreciate an email lesson.  =)   Please email me at   Thanks everyone.

“Ask & receive that your joy might be full.” John 16:24   I’m asking!  Hee hee! Continue reading Tips — mine & yours

Do you ever feel this way?

I had this fabulous weekend at Gem Faire with some really great people.  I did well, and happily paid my fees to Gem Faire. 20140510_093836 I was even blessed by my next door vendor with a hot dog for lunch!  I loved the whole Gem Faire, then had a great day a church the next day, and then visiting my folks & some very dear friends.  #GREATWEEKEND!  (How was yours?  I hope you had a super one, too. )

Monday comes.  Then the swarm of things I have to do hits again.  Are you a big picture person like me?  Do you see a mass of things to do and all the details overwhelm you?  Boy, they do me!  I love what I do, really.  I love all of it.  I love the inspiration of shopping for my projects, I love the creativity of actually making new items, I love the computer art necessary to write a pattern, program a page, make flyers, etc.  I even love sorting my beads! — But I’m no expert juggler.  And I have a lot of balls in the air.  Am I alone in this?

Then here is today’s verse.  “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”” –Joshua 1:9 (Did you notice it near the bottom of my home page?  Cool, huh?  It auto-updates!  I love programming!  Thanks, Deb, for encouraging me to go for it!)

Amazing, huh?  God is listening.  I’m so thankful we are HIS workmanship, not our own.  If I had to do this alone, I don’t know how I would handle it.   There’s this song that comes up on Pandora, that has a line, “You make me brave”.  Yes, He does.  What a blessing!

Be strong & courageous today.  =)  And may the blessing of the Lord rest upon all you do.

Delightfully beading away (amongst other things, hee hee),


The Happy Beader
#The Happy Beader


A Big Thank You…

I had an absolutely fabulous time this weekend at Gem Faire! So many of you came to see me, took classes and hung out. I loved it! I had a blast! I feel like Tigger personified! Whoo hoo! You all were so nice, too! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you all for a record breaking weekend! God bless you, real good!thank you block

Encouraging words for life…

Good morning, readers!   I hope this finds you stressing less, trusting more, and more at peace than yesterday.  I have been amazed at how much God is listening to me–my prayers, my thoughts, the blog, my talks with my hubby & family–and is responding.  When I’m out and about, I like to listen to KSGN 89.7FM  here in the Inland Empire of sunny Southern California.  When I’m home, I like to listen to Pandora Internet Radio  while I’m working.  Over and over again yesterday songs came up and little messages about letting go, not being afraid, and keeping our focus on Him.  One thing that stuck out to me yesterday was a minister who said our thoughts should be focused on Jesus twice as much as our cares.  Wow!  How much time I have wasted on my cares instead of the One Who cares.  That has really helped me redirect my thoughts and give me peace.  It’s still a battle, but I am finding that I am stopping myself when I start to worry about something,  I redirect my thoughts to Christ and that I don’t have to worry, then I pray.   It really is helping.  Then when I came to my computer this morning to look at‘s verse of the day, this was it:

“This is how God showed His love among us: He sent His one and only Son into the world that we might live through Him.”  NIV

See how much He loves us?  I feel His love extending out to you through this, too, as I know He wants you to find peace as well.  Jesus cares!  And I’m so thankful!

Blessings on your day and I hope to hear from you soon.



The Happy Beader
The Happy Beader


P.S.  If you live in the area, I’ll be at the OC Fair Grounds in Costa Mesa teaching for the Gem Faire this weekend.  Come find me & please let me know you’re reading my blog!  Thanks!


“…whatever they do prospers”

As I endeavor to build my business, wanting it to grow and flourish–to prosper–is always on my mind.  I want to do my best.   I want to give my best to and for my customers, in whatever way I can & whatever that means, without worrying about “the money”.  But reality says, “Count the cost.  Consider what ends will be produced.  Is this where I want to go with my business?  Will this bless my customers?  Is this worth the time and effort I’m putting into it?” All these questions swim around in my head.

And then there are the myriad of other things to do behind the scenes, other than the fun of designing & making jewelry & patterns, etc.  There’s my website, emails, shows, working with vendors… then there’s the BOOK KEEPING–bluh!  I actually don’t mind it, but it seems like such a mountain to keep on top of!  And of course there are the daily chores around the house, and the TLC of a husband, 2012-08-25_15-19-09_5431211101503162 cats & a dog to consider. Snickers is hungry There’s family and friends to spend time with, and church–these are the easier occupations of life, at least.  But there are just so many good things to occupy my time that sometimes it is all so overwhelming.  AND in there somewhere, I have to take care of myself!  Do you ever feel that way about your life?  Do the details of life swim around in your head too, or am I alone in this?  And you want to be successful/prosper in your endeavors, too, right?   So why does it seem so difficult?  And why am I stressing about it all?  Why is it so hard to decide what project or task I should tackle next?

Fear is such a nasty thing.  It grabs you by the heart, and infects your mind, and if you’re like me, affects your body!  (I’m keeping my massage therapist and chiropractor in business, at least.  LOL)  For me, it’s the biggest mountain in all of this to overcome.  But what am I really afraid of?  Failing, failing myself, failing my husband, failing my customers, failing my Heavenly Father.  That last one is the hardest one.  But everyday He reminds me how much He loves me, that He delights in who He made me to be and that He is not a hard task master with a javelin in His hand, waiting for me to mess up so He can pass judgment on me.  Wow!  Where do we get such awful images of God?  He keeps on reminding me that it is He who is at work in me, that I am His workmanship (not my own workmanship), created for good works in Christ, that I should walk in them (not stress or scurry through them).  I don’t need to worry about failing.  He is as at work in me.  So, stop it, would you, Misti?!

Okay, so where does the title come in?  Yesterday morning, as I have been weighing what truly matters, what truly is important, the Lord reminded me that I really do need to spend time with Him in His Word for my well-being.  If you’re like me, reading the Bible can seem daunting–the big picture that I see is a huge book that I could never possibly read in entirety, and even if I did, how could I possibly remember any of it.   But I know I “should”; rather, that I need to.  But where do I begin?  So, I went to and thought I would see what they had to offer for Bible Study and reading.  I saw, “Scripture Engagement” and that sounded intriguing.  So, I started reading it.  It was refreshing and encouraging, as the Bible always is.  And in it was this verse:  “Blessed is the one…whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on His law day and night.”  Ps. 1:2  I didn’t stop reading there. The next verse really stood out to me.  “That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither–whatever they do prospers.”  Prospers… there is that word.  I knew that verse, I read it many times.  But there is my answer!   If I truly want to prosper, I NEED to meditate on the Scriptures, for in them are the words of life.   I want to be that tree planted by streams of water so that I will never thirst or run dry!  I want to yield my fruit in season, and I certainly don’t want my leaves to wither.  LOL  (I don’t think that is referring to aging, though.  LOL)  And YES, I WANT TO PROSPER!  So my answer is “Scripture Engagement”.   (Here is the link to that page, in case you are interested:  The cool thing about this is that I love to write–obviously.  And writing my meditations on the Word help me remember what I read.   And hopefully, it will be an encouragement to you.  I really do want to be a blessing to you.  So, I hope my meditations help you.  And if you ever need prayer, please feel free to email me.  Okay?

I look forward to your comments!

Hoping your day “prospers” and your mountains seem more like an adventurous hike!


The Happy Beader
The Happy Beader