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Sign up to join the Misti's Jewelry-Making Club!

... DATE: ...... ...Once per month as chosen by members
...TIME: ...... ...7:00-9:00pm or time of your choice
...COST: ...... ...$25 per month (click to pay), plus swaps
...SUPPLIES: .. ...included
...LOCATION:.. ...Misti's Jewelry, Ontario

    Basic Club Information
  1. Jewelry-Making club is a fun, creative & social time for friends to gather and snack, swap projects, and complete the project Misti has designed.
  2. Club may have from 4 to 7 members. Misti counts as one.
  3. If there are 4 members, club lasts 4 months so each member gets to hostess.
  4. Projects designed by Misti for club night may be a particular theme as requested by the club or just leave it to me!
  5. Club members may bring guests, provided guests are pre-paid at least a week prior to club. Sorry, no non-paying visitors allowed.
  6. No children.
  7. No photography of projects without prior consent. No exceptions.
  1. Members attend for the duration of the club.
  2. Members bring one swap for each member including one for Misti.
  3. Members hostess once during the months of club.
  4. Members pay the $25 club fee at least one week prior to club. A payment link will be emailed to each member. Or you may pay directely at Misti's Jewelry's secure Square Market.
    Hostess Information
  1. At the first club meeting, hostess rotation will be drawn at random from a basket to determine who will hostess which month.
  2. Misti will hostess at the first meeting.
  3. Hostess brings drinks and snacks/dessert for the group.
  4. Misti provides the paper goods.
  5. Hostess chooses swap for her month and announces it at club the month prior to hostessing.
  6. Hostess has the option of choosing the project theme for her month, if she likes.
    Swap Guidelines
  1. Swaps may be finished pieces of jewelry made by the club member or may be beads, crystals, findings, etc.
  2. Swap Value should be $3-5 per swap or whatever amount the club members decide.
  3. Please note: Because of copyright laws, swaps may not be patterns unless proof of purchase of individual copies is submitted along with each pattern or unless the pattern is written by the club member.
  4. Guests do not participate in the swap.
     Registration & Payment
Acceptable forms of payment include: Visa, Mastercard, AmEx or Discover over the phone, via Paypal to MistisJewelry@verizon.net, or Square Market.

   Need help using Square Market? Click HERE to download "How to Pay for Club via Square Market".  

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